The Boo Radleys - Find The Way Out




Martin's notes: Sice came up with the title for this one. I don’t remember the kids show on the television but he loved it. This was me trying to suss out the ‘Byrds meets Dinosaur Jr’ sound. Looking at the lyrics I obviously didn’t have much in the way of self-esteem although I was pleased that I had found a style to build on. We wrote to John Peel for weeks before Ichabod and I came out, asking him to play it. He knew it was the band all along but played it anyway, I was jumping up and down on Tim’s bed the first time he played ‘Catweazle’, the phone in the communal hall rang and when I answered there was Peelie, asking us if we would like to come in for a session. This was what they call a ‘live favourite’ and I still get people shouting for it at gigs now, some sixteen years later.
Lyrics: Thought I'd escaped from a feeling of late that I get whenever you are near. Climbed from my pit into your world and I thought everything was now clear. Gave myself up to the devil and took just whatever I could find. Now I will fight, don't deny what you said because I heard all your words crystal clear. And you said “I never want to be like you”. Poor Catweazle.

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